How Does Email Validation Work?

When you think of email validation you might think about sending out a mass email and counting the bounces. However,we do not ever send out an actual email to the contacts in a database. The first step in validation all happens via SMTP testing, MX records, and domain check electronically. It is like a server to server handshake. When that happens we get responses defined in certain codes. These codes indicate if the email address exists, if it will accept it, etc. In simple words, it translates to a hard bounce or soft bounce. We take that information and use it to create a status report, allowing us to visualize the data.

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Data Appending - What if company name has changed in a database?

An interesting question came up during a recent discussion with one of our customers. The customer had a contact database of about 100,000 contacts coming out of 30,000 unique companies. The contact database was being used for email marketing. In some cases the emails were going through but the company name had changed. In other cases the emails were bouncing even though the contact was still working at the same company. The bigger problem was that the leads generated from email marketing were wrongly routed to different account reps.

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