Email Hard Bounces Vs. Email Soft Bounces

What's the Difference Between an Email Hard Bounce and an Email Soft Bounce? When it comes to email marketing and email verification, there is a lot of fuss over email hard bounces and email soft bounces. But if an email bounces that just means it wasn't delivered, right? Practically, this is true. A bounce, regardless of what kind of bounce, just means the email was undeliverable. However, there are a ton of reasons why an email could be labeled "undeliverable," and these reasons are broken down into two categories: hard and soft bounces.

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Business Layoffs are Bad News for Your B2B Database

Your B2B database is not a static resource. You're contact data is constantly changing, and if aren't vigilant you will end up wasting time and resources working with bad data.  On May 23, 2012 Hewlett Packard Co has announced plans to lay off approximately 27,000 employees, about 8 percent of their workforce. The company made the decision in an attempt to save money, but what does that mean for B2B marketers? Well if you happen to be a company that markets to HP, you are going to watch 27,000 contacts become invalid. When massive layoffs occur, they can instantly render a robust and lucrative marketing list obsolete.

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Email Subject Line Best Practices: Four Tips for Success

Way back at the beginning of email marketing, there were certain truths everyone knew and followed. Conventional wisdom said to keep you subject lines short and sweet to avoid email clients truncation of your subject line. Another piece of wisdom was to avoid using "free" in your subject line as it could be flagged as spam.

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Canada CAN-SPAM: Opt-In for Email Marketing Becoming a Requirement

You may think that offering an "opt-out" option in emails sent to Canada is good enough, but with a new law on the horizon you could be opening your company up for a $10 million fine. New legislation, finalized in December of 2010, is expected to become Canadian law in early 2013.

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