How do you target companies that use Peoplesoft? 

Another of our top selling technology users lists is the PeopleSoft customer list. PeopleSoft users are a strong niche market because, when they were acquired by Oracle in 2005, they had 12,200 customers, but continued investment by Oracle has led them to continuous growth. Today,  439 companies out of Fortune 500 use PeopleSoft.

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Market to MS Dynamics Customers Like A Pro!

One of our top selling technology users lists is the MS Dynamics customers list. A collective data set of 50,000 unique companies using Microsoft Dynamics applications worldwide, offers a strong niche market to marketers selling products and services built around ERP and CRM applications.

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Is Database Cleansing On Your Radar?

We talk a lot about the importance of database cleansing and database hygiene around here. We even put together a free white paper so all of our customers could see just how important proper database hygiene is. But when we read a recent blog post, The Costs of Data Quality Failure, we knew we had to share the shocking statistics the blog author reports.

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Reaching Customers the Effective Way customers list is one of the most highly sought after list we sell. with more than 100,000 companies as customers and roughly 2.5 million users, is such a vast market that we specialize in creating custom marketing lists for marketers trying to reach those millions of users.

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Your Email Marketing Budget and How to Get the Most Out of it

The recent survey conducted by MarketingSherpa showed that marketers are estimating a 54% increase in email marketing budgets for 2012 (you can read the survey here, or follow the link below). So how do you make the most of an increase in your email marketing budget?

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