An Email Verification Service Keeps Your Sales Team Running Smoothly

Last week we published a post about a couple of kinds of bad email addresses. The two types of bad data we focused on were fake email addresses and typo email addresses and how they can cause a high-volume of emails sent to invalid accounts. A high-volume of undeliverable email can in turn negatively impact your reputation with email services. A third kind of bad email address brought  up in the Marketing Sherpa Blog post are spam traps.

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Tele Verification: Lead Verification by Phone Makes the Difference

Here at Sales Inside we work very hard to make sure our clients get the best list and the best possible ROI for their marketing campaigns. One aspect of our efforts that gets a lot of attention from our clients is the tele verification we do of our data.

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Trimming the Fat: Database Hygiene Best Practices are Key to Success

Marketing Sherpa recently featured an article by Courtney Eckerle detailing the role of database cleansing in CNET's email marketing efforts.  The article, "Email Marketing: CNET win-back campaign sees 8% subscriber re-engagement," is a great example of the importance of data hygiene best practices.

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Are You Targeting the Right Industries? B2B Market Segmentation

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