Email List Cleanse: Out With the Old?

We are big believers in having a database hygiene plan that includes regular cleansing. A clean database means your sales and marketing teams are working with the most accurate data they can. However, we get a lot of questions about how inactive email addresses should be handled. If data is old and the email address is inactive/unresponsive, should you give it the axe?

Old data doesn't equal bad data

Just because a database entry is old, doesn't immediately make it bad data.

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The Importance of Email Marketing Goals

Most companies appreciate the value of email marketing campaigns, but so often we find that their only real goal is to send emails to as many email addresses as possible. And don't get us wrong, strong email marketing lists are certainly not to be under estimated, but a list is not the be all and end all of email marketing. Email marketing campaign goals should be driving your efforts.

Know what you want

Before you set pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, figure out what you want your email to do. Are you looking to draw readers to a new download? Add subscribers to your blog? Or are you just looking for good old fashioned purchases?

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What Do You Know About Your B2B Contacts?

What should you know about B2B contacts? How do you find out the information you need? These are questions we get asked a lot. There is a huge push for market and sales information and data; everyone wants more information and they want it faster than ever. Unfortunately, not all B2B contact information is equally valuable. While knowing how many likes a prospect has on Facebook is classified as information about that contact, it isn't necessarily useful.

The goal of market research is to maximize every single interaction you have with your B2B contact. But what information will help you do this?

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Big Data in Sales and Marketing: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Recently, Lattice Engines and CSO Insights paired up to conduct a survey of over 200 corporate and sales executives. The results reveal a lot about the data challenges facing sales executives in our world of big data. In particular, we found three results of the survey to be enlightening.

1. "Eighty-two percent of respondents feel sales reps are challenged by the amount of information available and the time it takes to research prospects before making a call."

Everyone wants more data and services keep evolving to give it to us, but the problem with this is you end up with data overload. It's like the old idiom, "Can't see the forest for the trees," with so much data available it can be easy to get lost.

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Database Cleansing – The Email Marketing Campaign Tactic You Probably Aren’t Using

MarketingSherpa recently put together a marketing research chart that asked marketers what tactics their organizations are using to improve email deliverability rates. While the results of their survey were illuminating, the flip side of each of the survey results reveal a lot about what marketers aren't doing.

"While 39% of respondents maintain an opt-in only subscriber list, the flip side is 61% of marketers send emails to people who were never on their list to begin with," Daniel Burstein. Also, while 51% are measuring and removing hard bounces, 49% are not.

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How Gender and Income Affect Your Business Email Lists

We're always on the lookout for good email marketing data, so we were excited to see a recent MarketingProfs article about a Simple Relevance report that measured the Email Open and Click Behavior by Gender and Income.

The report also found that the early morning hours of 5 AM to 8 AM are more likely to see high earners, $150,000+, clicking through their emails. While their $75,000 or less counterparts prefer clicking through emails from 9 AM- 8PM.

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The Future of Sales: The Growing Power of Market Research

From the near future to futures where the Earth is long dead, there have been a ton of futuristic sci-fi movies out recently. I don't know why, but there is something about human nature that makes us want to know what will happen tomorrow, next week, a thousand years from now.

And sales isn't exempt from this trend. Recently, Derek Singleton of Software Advice, Managing Editor of The B2B Marketing Mentor, paused to wonder what the world of sales will look like in the near future, 2020 to be exact. "How Will the Sales Force of 2020 Engage Buyers?" pulls together 3 sales predictions from industry leaders and today's sales trends.

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3 Tips for Boosting B2B Email Marketing ROI

No matter how diligent you are, every B2B email marketing campaign is going to have hard and soft bounces and unresponsive recipients that bring down your ROI. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep those pesky ROI suckers to a minimum.

1. Double Opt-In- You can give your email marketing lists a good foundation by making sure you are collecting legitimate email addresses. A pretty simple way to do this is the double opt-in. Simply put, double opt-in means you make people signing up for emails confirm their intent. You can do this with a link in a confirmation email, asking them to shoot you a blank reply message, entering a verification code, or any mechanism that acts as a confirmation. The double opt-in keeps bad email addresses and spam traps off of your email marketing lists; a cleaner list means a higher ROI for your campaign.

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Hitting the Bull’s Eye with Targeted Market Research

Connecting with prospects can sometimes seem like a game of chance, but in truth you have a lot of control over how successful you are. Too often though we've seen companies creating content that they think their prospects want to see. The problem with this is that it's not always the case that what a sales person or marketer thinks is spot on, actually is.

Before you start creating content, you need to find out...

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Reducing Unsubscribe Rates: Keep Folks from Hitting the Eject Button

As email marketers we are conditioned to want to have as many contacts on our email marketing list as possible. We don't want to see our email list subscribers hit that unsubscribe button, but despite our best efforts it's going to happen.

Fortunately, Marketing Profs recently ran an article by Karen Talavera, "Five Ways to Minimize Email List Unsubscribes," that offers up some good suggestion for stemming the tide of exiting email addresses.

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Build the Best Email Marketing Campaign From the Ground Up

This week MarketingSherpa asked marketers, what are your peers' top email marketing goals? Daniel Burstein pulled their answers into this week's marketing research chart. What we found interested, however, is that a number of the top choices are closely related. For instance, you could build a narrative that goes something like:

We want our email marketing to, "increase sales conversion and/or revenue" by "drive[ing] additional traffic to our website" which we will accomplished by "deliver[ing] highly relevant content."

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Build the Best Email Marketing Campaign From the Ground Up

Email marketing list building is one of those tasks that is never really done. Marketers have to constantly fight email address attrition, and are always on the lookout for new contacts. So we put together 5 of our favorite tips for adding addresses to any email marketing list.

1.  Create Something Shareable: Creating content that just begs to be shared is one of the best ways to add email addresses to your email marketing list. Creating a whitepaper or download that really speaks to your target audience is a great way to get your prospects attention.

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B2C Strategies for B2B Sales Lead Generation

For those of us in the B2B world, the world of B2C companies can seem like a galaxy far, far away from our own marketing concerns. And there are good reasons for this feeling.

B2C companies have to plan and strategize for reaching out to individuals, consumer. The tactics that are successful at reaching someone on their couch after work can often have nothing to do with the tactics that resonate with a head of purchasing or IT at a corporation.  

A recent article by Derek Singleton of Software Advice, however, made the case transforming some B2C marketing strategies into effective B2B sales lead generation techniques. Reading "How B2B Marketers Can Draw B2C Strategies Into Their Marketing," two of Singleton's suggestions really resonated.

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How To Choose B2B Companies List

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How To LeverageYour Business Contact Lists

Many B2B companies make the mistake of ignoring the inactive contacts on their business contact lists. 

Unless a contact has explicitly asked you not to contact them again, they could still become a customer in the future.

A different approach or contacting them at different time makes all the difference. The key is to keep trying until contacts become customers.

Follow-Up With More Information

Some businesses never follow-up with prospects they've contacted unless the prospect contacts them first. A lead might be interested, but they're still on the fence about your company after the initial contact. They may be waiting for more information before they reach out. 

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By Arvind Sehtia

3 Frequently Asked B2B Contact List Questions

Building and maintaining a quality B2B contact list can leave sales reps and marketers with a lot of questions. The good news is that over the years we've heard them all. However, there are a handful of questions we get over and over again here at Sales Inside, and we figured we'd put the answers to 3 of them here on the blog.

1. What is the advantage of tele-verified data?

Simply put, tele-Verified data allows your sales reps to make contact. Rather than wasting time with misspelled email addresses, disconnected phone numbers, and just plain wrong data tele-verified data ensures that the information your sales reps are working with is correct. By eliminating old and inactive listings from your B2B contact list you increase your campaigns efficiency and increase ROI.

2. How do I fill in gaps in my B2B contact list?

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Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Lists

It's pretty much accepted now a days that email marketing is here to stay, but a recent report by Experian Marketing Services shows that email is not only growing it's also bringing in more money. Marketing Profs writer Lenna Garibian broke down the most important details from the report.

One of the most interesting findings were the time of day performance findings. Although 4am-noon is the most popular time frame for initiating an email campaign, 8pm-midnight and midnight-4am have the highest unique click rates. Check it out:

Trying to decide what day of the week is best to send out your email? Email performance does vary based on day of the week, but which day works best for you depends on your particular strategy. For instance, Saturday and Sunday have the most unique opens so you might want to consider beginning your email campaign on the weekend. However, if you want to send an email during the week deciding which day is better depends on which metric you attach the most meaning to. Friday, for instance, has the best click through rates but Monday topped the charts for revenue per email.

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Quick Tips to Boost Your B2B Sales Lead Generation

This week's marketing research chart from Marketing Sherpa caught my eye because so many of our clients want to focus on email marketing as a way to increase B2B sales lead generation. Marketing Sherpa asked their survey participants, "Which of the following tactics is your organization using to improve the relevance and engagement of email content delivered to subscribers?" This is what they said:

37% said they, "segment email campaigns based on behavior" and 36% of respondents said that they "Dynamically personalize email content" as a tactic for engaging their readers. We think that both of these tactics are amazing ways to engage readers in an email marketing campaign.

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3 Steps to a Great B2B Marketing List

Here at Sales Inside, we love B2B marketing lists. End user lists, direct mail campaign lists, or email marketing lists we love them all! But just because we will always love a list doesn't mean all lists are created equal.

When trying to assess the strength of your own B2B database or a B2B marketing list you're thinking of buying there are 3 things the contact information has to be so that you can get the most out of your marketing efforts.

1. Accurate- The most important feature of any marketing list is its accuracy. Unfortunately , accuracy can also be one of the biggest landmines a marketing list will face. Having accurate information is vitally important to any marketing campaign. Accuracy effects everything from whether or not your marketing content reaches its destination to the reception it receives from the contact. Incorrect email addresses make emails bounce and incorrect mailing addresses result in returned mailers, but errors in information like phone number, contact name or job title can be equally disastrous. Have you ever gotten an email or flyer in the mail with your name spelled incorrectly or an incorrect last name? Something as simple as the wrong last name on a piece of mail can be the difference between your contact opening your mailer or pitching it in the trash unopened. Ensuring the accuracy of your B2B marketing list should be one of your top priorities.

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What is Data Enrichment?

As marketers and sales people we struggle against it, but every database has gaps in it. According to Marketing Sherpa, 2.1% of contact data goes bad every month. Gaps happen, but data enrichment can help.

What is data enrichment?

Put simply, data enrichment, also known as data appending, is any process that adds value to existing data. Data enrichmentIt is all about filling in the critical gaps in your existing data.  Data enrichment fills out your contacts database with as many pieces of relevant information as possible. Some common data enrichment categories include:

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How To Better Segment Your B2B Email Lists

Segmentation is one of the best ways to get better results from your B2B targeted email lists for email marketing. 

Since every business is different, segmenting gives you a way to cater your approach to individual types of businesses. From location to budget, each segment receives a different set of messages.

A survey by eMarketer found 39% of businesses using segmentation saw overall better open rates. Getting contacts to open your messages is half the battle. 

Sales Cycle

Companies are more likely to respond to marketing emails if they're close to the start of their next buying cycle. After all, if they already have a contract for one year with someone else, they probably won't consider buying from you if they're only halfway through the contract. If your email list contains sales cycle information, segment the list based on when the contact is most likely to buy.

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How do You Perform Data Enrichment? Consider a Service

So you've decided your B2B database could benefits from data enrichment, and maybe you've even settled on what pieces of data you want to add to each of your contacts. Now you need to figure out the best way to actually perform the data enrichment. There are three basic ways to go about data enrichment:

1. Ask for it- The best way to get all of the data you need is to ask for it right from the start. If you want to know something about your prospects ask for it any time they download a form, request a quote, or sign up for a seminar. If you are generating quality content that your prospects want, chances are they will be willing to part with some information to get it. If you've already got a backlog of data in your business contact database that is missing pieces, then you need to move on to...

2. Manually finding it- If you've got gaps in your existing contact information, then you are going to have to do the leg work to fill them in. By combing through business listings, company websites, and public records you can usually fill in things like website URL's, company revenue, number of employees, and branch or subsidiary information. If you are looking for social media ID's, phone numbers, and job functions of specific contacts, then you are going to have to dig deeper and sacrifice more time. If you need to bridge the gaps in your database and don't have the internal resources (or patience) for doing the leg work yourself, have no fear you can always turn to a...

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Better Lists=Better B2B Sales Lead Generation

As we head into April you might be thinking about doing some spring cleaning. We've talked a lot about the importance of maintaining a clean database, and we were really excited to see that we aren't the only ones who believe in regular database cleansing. That being said, we do understand that you might not have time to clean the garage and straighten up your business contact list. And while we hope you chose database hygiene  as a way to meet sales leads generation goals, there is another option.

B2B Sales Lead Generation

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3 Tricks for Avoiding Email Marketing Spam Traps

A common goal among email marketers is to increase the number of B2B contacts they have in their email marketing database. Collecting an ever increasing pool of email addresses is a pursuit that can, and has, spawned whole blogs and even careers, so it's no surprise that it has also given rise to a less savory side of email marketing; spam traps.

So Wwhat are spam traps and why should you care about them? " Spam traps are seemingly valid email addresses that are created with the sole purpose of identifying spam emails. These addresses are scattered over various locations on the internet, without ever using them to actually send emails... spam traps can end up on the emailing lists of legitimate email marketers, in the end unjustly landing them on various blacklists," says Michael Linthorst in his guest blog post "Mind your reputation, watch out for spam traps," on the Be Relevant! Email Marketing Blog.

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By Arvind Sehtia

10 Direct Mail Campaign Tips: Make the most of your marketing efforts

With the marketing community putting so much emphasis on inbound marketing it can be easy to forget about direct mail marketing campaigns. Direct mail marketing isn't dead or gone, far from it. When was the last time you went to  your mail box and didn't have at least once piece of promotional material waiting for you? When it comes to B2B, direct mail campaigns are far from dead, which is why we wanted to share 10 ten of our favorites tips from Al Lautenslager's "99 Tips for Direct-Mail Marketing" that appeared on the Entrepreneur marketing blog. Here are our top ten direct mail tips:

  1.      "Free" is still a motivating word--use it and highlight it
  2.      Use handwritten notes or comments on your direct-mail piece
  3.      Offer proof of the benefits
  4.      Include case studies and success stories
  5.      Tie other marketing to your mailings
  6.      Put your website address on all mailing pieces
  7.      Use a reply card or other reply mechanism
  8.      Put a headline on the envelope
  9.      Survey customers about what they'll respond to
  10.    Make your offer easy to understand at a glance
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Writing a Customer Success Story for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Maybe you're getting ready to start a new email marketing campaign or you're rewriting your cold call script, whatever you're working on chances are that coming up with compelling content is something you spend a lot of time working on. After all, what good does spending time and energy on a marketing or sales campaign do if the content you're using isn't compelling?

Content creation can seem overwhelming, but it is essential for everything from your websites About Us page to your email marketing campaign. Which is why we were excited to see a recent Marketing Profs article about utilizing customer stories as sources of content. "Make Content Marketing Authentic: The Case of Customer Stories," heaps some pretty big praise on customer stories saying, "Customer stories are the new building blocks of sales and marketing."

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What's So Great About Technology Users Lists ?

In the past we've talked about a few specific technology users lists (also known as install base lists) that are popular among our clients (SAP and Salesforce being two of the most popular). But what are technology users lists and what are their advantages?

Technology users lists can be explained as  the number of installs of a particular technology. It could be based on software, hardware, or a combination of both. For example:

- IBM Mainframes: How many customers have installed IBM mainframes?

- Oracle sells several applications related to ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, HCM etc. Some of these are sold by brand names like JD Edwards, People soft etc. If someone wants to know how many/which companies are using Oracle ERP or JD Edwards etc in a defined market segment we will determine all the installations of JD Edwards and create a list from that data.

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Avoiding the Hard Bounce

This week's MarketingSherpa case study, "Email Deliverability: Publisher moves beyond double opt-in to avoid 1,000 hard bounces per day," by Courtney Eckerle is a great illustration of the importance of avoiding hard bounces.

The case study follows an online publisher of content as they tried  to reduce the number of bad emails they send. Already a service that requires a double opt-in, the publisher thought they were doing pretty well. However, they were sending thousands of email confirmations that were bouncing. These hard bounce confirmation emails were their target.

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By Arvind Sehtia

Connect With Microsoft Dynamics Users

Earlier this week we talked about what makes technology user lists so powerful as marketing and sales tools. Today we wanted to shine our spot light on one of our most popular technology users list, Microsoft Dynamics users.

The Microsoft Dynamics family of products are broken down into enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) offerings. With the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software into broken down into four primary products: AX, GP, NAV, and SL. Their CRM is sold as both an on-premises software and as a software as a service offering. Although Microsoft Dynamics family of products is geared towards mid sizedmid-sized organization, it is also marketed to subsidiaries/divisions of larger companies.

How many companies use Microsoft Dynamics?

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Contact Discovery: Reaching the Right People

When you're reaching out to a new company who do you talk to? VP of IT? Director of marketing? VP of manufacturing? Usually you think you know the right title of the ideal contact but what about details of their specific role?

The Problem

Most B2B list vendors offer the flexibility to segment lists based on job titles of the contacts. This is very helpful in identifying the right decision makers that could be decision makers, users or influencers for your products and services. However job title keywords based search has limitations, as generic job titles sometimes do not reveal insights into the role and job responsibilities of the contact.

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Boost Your Sales Productivity

If you're in the sales business then you're probably familiar with how much time is spent preparing to sell. What I mean by that is all of the hours you need to spend on tasks other than selling. Sales time gets spent researching new companies. Time is spent trying to track down the right person within an organization to reach out to. Time is spent calling prospects  who may no longer work for the company or who are too busy to talk to you. Add up all of the hours spent looking for contact information, researching new prospects, and reaching out to dead ends and you end up with a lot of time that didn't go to actually selling.

Of course you can't spend 100% of your time actually selling, but there are ways to cut down on all of those hours lost to ancillary tasks. Take the time spent reaching out to bad contacts. There are a lot of reasons for a contact to no longer be valid; companies go out of business, employees leave companies, employees get shuffled around within an organizations, there are a lot of reasons for contact information that was good a month ago to get you nowhere today.

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How To Cold Call Contacts On Your B2B Lead Generation Lists

While many feel cold calling is an outdated practice, it's still a highly effective way to contact prospects on your B2B lead generation lists. 

The key is to do it right and not just provide the same general sales pitch to every person you contact. Prospects do know the difference between a boring script and a personalized approach.

Once you master the art of the cold call, you'll find it's the perfect way to initiate contact and convert more leads to clients.

Introduce Yourself Quickly

Many businesses make the mistake of jumping right into the sales pitch without a proper introduction. Remember, the lead isn't expecting a call and they don't know you yet. Take the first 15-20 seconds of the call to introduce yourself, say why you're calling and briefly describe your business. 

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The B2B Data You Need to Land Your Target Prospect

There are times when having accurate contact information isn't enough. Reaching a lead is necessary, and for that you need accurate contact info and a rock solid data hygiene plan, but the more information you have about the lead the better your chances of turning them into a sale.

The first step to getting the B2B data list that your sales and marketing team needs is identifying your target prospect.  The best part of this is that you already know who your target prospect is. After all, you've been talking and selling to your target prospects all along. It is helpful to clarify who that target is, and to do that you can begin by asking yourself a couple of easy question.

  •   What kind of company is your ideal client?  
  •   How big, or small, is their company?
  •   Who would be the ideal person to reach out to in that company?
  •   What is their role within their company?
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By Arvind Sehtia

Big Data Market Research: The Importance of the Right Data

If you're like us you might have noticed the term "big data" getting thrown around a lot recently. There are a ton of services, both paid and free, that will help you collect data on just about everything. But what do you do with all of that data? MarketingProfs recently ran a great article about the importance of insight in this ever growing ocean of data. More Data Does Not Equal Better Insights offers some great info about the problem with big data.

Tackling Big Data Market Research: It All Comes Down to Relevance

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B2B Lead Generation Tips: Consider Difficulty vs. Efficiency

If you're like us, lead generation is always something that is in the back of your head. You're constantly thinking about new ways you can leverage SEO or a trade show to bring in new and qualified lead. But, if you're like us, you also think about the amount of effort a lead gen tactic would require and weigh that against any leads you might get from it. If that sounds like you, then you aren't alone. This week MarketingSherpa put together a great chart about the difficulty, effectiveness, and usage of a number of lead generation tactics.

Some of the most effective lead generation tactics were also the most difficult to implement, like SEO or trade shows. However, we were excited to see that, "email marketing was considered both among the most effective and least difficult tactics. Not surprisingly, it was also highly used." Email marketing can be, in a lot of ways, a work horse lead generation tactic. Email marketing is a great tactic because it is so versatile. You can direct leads to some finely crafted content, or you can send them along to your social media. Your emails can be highly personalized or designed to appeal broadly. You also control the timing of your emails, which should never be underestimated.

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4 Tips for Better Email Marketing Content

Last month we ran a story about using testimonials and success stories as content. Everything from marketing emails to your web pages needs content, but it's not always easy to know how to write good content.

You're already an expert at what you do, and content is one way to share your expertise with your prospects. However, if you've ever gotten a poorly written newsletter or read some bad web page copy you know that having something to say and being able to say it are two different things. So before you send our your next B2B email marketing effort, take a look at these 4 content writing tips.

1. Write for readability: When you set out to write a piece of content you should always keep in mind that it is meant to be read by your prospects. What I mean by that is that the content should be readable. It can be easy to fall back on keywords and industry jargon when writing, but relying too heavily on these kinds of terms can make the finished product jarring and difficult to read. Try to keep your content easy to read so that it flows. If your readers have to work to get through a paragraph, then you content isn't going to do its job; moving those prospects deeper into the sales process.

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B2B Business Lists: 5 New Contact Strategies

One of the hardest parts of using Business lists is determing the best way to contact your new leads. 

The first email you send is not only an introduction, but an attempt to peak a prospect's interest. Sending the right information in this email is key to your company's success.

These five new contact strategies will help increase lead conversion rate for higher profits and getting more long term customers.

Keep Emails Short

While you want to include ample details in the first email, don't go overboard. Too much information is just as bad as not enough. The first contact isn't the time for a two page email. Instead, keep the initial content short and sweet. Introduce yourself and the company. Provide a few details about your products and include a link to your website. 

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By Arvind Sehtia

5 Tips for Creating Landing Pages to Generate Leads

When you ask marketers where their focus is, there is a good chance they are going to say about the lead generation process. In today's internet-centric climate, when you talk about lead generation there really isn't a way to avoid talking about land pages.

Let's just say that you already spent the time and energy to create some amazing piece of content that you know, thanks to big data, that your prospects are going to love. You've crafted a pointed, personalized email marketing or PPC or even direct mail campaign and you're ready to go. Now you just need to put a compelling, engaging, one of a kind landing page in front of that content and you watch the leads roll in.

Tips for Creating Lead Generating Landing Pages

But what should your landing page have, and not have? We found a great article on the HubSpot blog by Pamela Vaughan that nicely boils down the dos and don'ts of landings pages. Vaughan offers up 11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages, and we love them all, but we thought we'd share our top 5 favorites with you.

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By Arvind Sehtia

3 Tips for Better Market Research Data Collection

We've been talking a lot about market research recently, but we've gotten a few inquiresinquiries about how to go about finding the information and data that you need to create effective marketing and sales content. While specific market and data research strategy can vary widely across industries and from company to company, we've put together our top 3 tips for conducting market research in any industry.

1. Tele-verifying your data- When you make the decision to invest the time and energy into market research you want to be sure that the data you collect is accurate. After all, why bother going through the effort of research if you're going to end up with bad data? When trying to ensure data accuracy, there really is no substitute for physically picking up a phone, talking to a real person, and verifying your data. Tele-verifying when collecting market and data research ensures that the information you come away with is the most up-to-date and accurate which, after all, is kind of the point of market research.

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By Arvind Sehtia

Effective Content Compliments B2B Market Research

It's a well establishedwell-established fact that the more information you have on your prospects, the better chances of closing the sales cycle are. Finding quality information can be time consuming and labor intensive, but market research is always well worth the investment.

Well grounded, up to date B2B market research can be used for a number of purposes, but chances are that once you've armed yourself with the information you need you are going to have to give your prospects something to look at/read/interact with. Content that has been created with specific prospects, or groups of prospects, in mind tends to do better, but no matter how customized or broad your content is you are going to have to produce something.

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By Arvind Sehtia

The B2B Cold Calling Revival

The last few years have seen the prevailing marketing and sales wisdom embrace an inbound marketing approach to lead generation. And while inbound marketing certainly has a time and a place, there are a couple of fundamental downsides to relying exclusively on inbound tactics.

Two of the biggest issues with inbound marketing are that you don't have control over when leads come in and you can't be sure that the leads you get are good leads. Sure a great whitepaper download or intense social media campaign can net a flood of new email addresses, but just because someone gives you their email doesn't mean that they are in the market for/will ever need your product or service.

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Where Do Most Leads Come From? The Power of B2B Lead Generation Data

As marketers and salespeople we are constantly trying to juggle a lot of concerns; budget, time, energy, return on investment, to name a few. When we decide to put our time and effort into a lead generation tactic we want to know that we're not wasting our time. We recently saw a HubSpot Blog article that spoke directly to this lead generation juggling act.

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