Want Results from Cold Calling List. Don't Buy Cheap.

Faced with the task of buying a cold calling list for the first time, many sales professionals decide to “play it safe” with a low-cost list. The thinking goes that, if the first list produces viable leads, it will always be possible to buy a more focused, high-quality list in the future.

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B2B Email Lists - 5 Elements To Test When Emailing

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B2B Cold Calling Lists - Best Practices You Should Follow

Cold Calling isn’t dead, but in order for it to be effective you have to go beyond the traditional approach. This means taking a few extra steps both before and during that call. To help your sales team make better, smarter B2B cold calls, follow the best practices outlined here:

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Telemarketing Leads | Have you been burnt ?

In the vast sea of list vendors, there exist some unscrupulous companies that bring a bad name to the entire industry. Most of them happen to be offshore providers or list brokers who are eager to deliver inferior telemarketing leads lists. These companies do not have strong information validation processes in place, nor is that their goal. The pool of deceitful list vendors simply want to sell lists at enticing prices to boost their bottom line while subverting yours.

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New Business List: How To Structure A 3-Part Email Series


Some B2B businesses feel clueless as to how to start contacting leads on their new business list.

The best approach requires a three part email series to gradually let the prospect get to know your business. 

By using three parts instead of one, the lead isn't overwhelmed and the emails never seem overly promotional. It's a time tested approach that will help you get results.

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Buying A Cold Call List to Set Up Meetings

Are you thinking about buying a cold call list to develop your B2B business? Even if you have never purchased a cold call list before, the right list can energize your prospecting practically overnight. These lists are especially effective for developing a market foothold for new products and services – but the right list is a powerful tool for an established business, too.

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Using Telemarketing Lists to Enhance Direct Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing can lead to impressive results and telemarketing is still one of the most effective ways to market directly to potential B2B customers. As simple as this process can be, it’s not foolproof, and the risk of failure can be high, if you are not reaching out to right decision makers. You can avoid this fate by using a high quality telemarketing lists.

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Why Buy From Telemarketing List Brokers When you Can Buy Direct

Generating sales leads is a challenge faced by B2B marketers the world over. While there are plenty of marketing lists to choose from, knowing which list best meets your needs is difficult, to say the least. And then there’s the issue of where to find the best list.

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Cold Calling Lists - Don't End Up Cleaning The Dirty Data.

Anyone actively involved with using cold calling lists in their sales/marketing efforts knows that dirty data is depressing. Not only is it a colossal waste of time to be dealing with erroneous contact information, it's also frustrating, and this frustration can easily transfer to your entire cold calling session, negatively affecting productivity.

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