Data Enrichment - What Can Be Enriched?

Haste is a natural byproduct of any professional's life, but when it comes to the quality of your business-to-business database, it pays to put on the brakes.

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Telemarketing List Brokers: Is it a Good Option for B2B

In general list brokers can be more useful for b2c or a consumer lists. A consumer list can be traded as a commodity simply because the data characteristics are as standard as any commodity.

Secondly, most consumer lists are sold on rental basis and the end- user does not actually get the lists in hand. The owner of the list deploys the campaign on the selected data on behalf of the customer and shares the end results and leads generated. Under the circumstances it becomes easier for the list brokers to trade the lists and charge commission for facilitating the deal. 
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Reach Companies That Use Oracle Applications | Updated List

A company’s decisions about its information infrastructure have far-reaching implications for every service and product it offers. They also determine, in turn, what technical insights can help that company achieve its goals. B2B firms with Oracle expertise can forge lucrative and lasting agreements if they know how to respond to potential clients’ needs.

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Updated List - Market to Companies That Use Salesforce

Companies all around the world use Salesforce CRM, from small and mid-sized firms to Fortune 500 enterprises. According to the company’s own research, brands using Salesforce software tend to have marketing automation, sales, and impeccable customer service as their key strengths. Although Salesforce CRM is used across multiple industries and countries, there’s enough commonality between companies that use Salesforce and the customer base creates huge revenue opportunities if targeted correctly.

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Data Enrichment - Breathing Life In your B2B Database

Whether you shop for groceries or strictly consume what is stored in your refrigerator, many of your choices are probably guided by “use by” dates. Pop open a jug of milk or a tub of sour cream and if it looks or smells “funny,” you're likely to check the “use by” date to decide whether the product is safe to consume.

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B2B Email Lists - Dont get burned again

Yes, they're clever at grabbing your attention. Yes, they know which buttons to press to trigger your enthusiastic impulses. And yes, of course: they promise you a virtual galaxy of new leads to jump-start your business – and at a price point you can comfortably afford.

And no: it's not just you that got burned. We hear this a lot. 

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Reach New Customers through Installed Base Marketing

Installed base marketing is a great way and sometimes the only way to get new customers. It really depends on the market space, products and services your company offers. The term “install base” seems to be coming from the industrial era where it referred to the number of machines of certain manufacturer or brand installed at different sites. It also is an indicator of market share or customer base of different products and companies. The advances in data science have now enabled the identification a variety of other type of installed bases like the users of several web based and on-premise software’s.

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5 Top reasons why Cold Call Lists Do Not Work

Whether you're a sales novice or veteran, you surely know why the term “cold calling” is a double entendre: the leads on the list are unknown (and therefore cold) and the idea of approaching them can send a literal chill down anyone's spine.

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