Are you losing out on Install Base Marketing?

The term "install base marketing" comes from the industrial era when it referred to the number of machines of a certain manufacturer or brand installed in a particular region.

Let me explain with an example. If you are a software product company for invoicing / billing and your product integrates well with all the CRMs in the market, then your 'install base marketing' approach would target companies using CRM software like Oracle, PeopleSoft, SalesForce and even custom versions.

At times, given the niche, install base marketing could sometimes be the only way of retaining customers and getting new ones. But, are you engaging a dedicated installed base marketing strategy? If not, you could be losing out. 

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A Business Email List for B2B Lead Generation. Anyone?

Month end is just a week away.

And just like the last month, the sales team is frantically attempting all and everything to achieve the monthly numbers. You know what that means as a B2B marketer. Don't you?

The excruciating pressure to increase the velocity of B2B lead generation. What do you do? Please tell me all about it in the comments section.

I cannot speak on behalf of the B2B lead generation community, but I will share what we do at SalesInside Inc.

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How CRM Data gets Messed up?

Perspectives to successful CRM data management

One of our SDR recently raised a question on how to edit a contact record in our CRM system.

Here is the situation:
John Smith, Director of Marketing at Autodesk who also happens to be a customer has moved to Oracle as VP of Marketing.
Now there are three possible ways of handling a CRM database

  • Overwrite the existing contact record with new information i.e. update the Job Title, Phone, email and company name in the existing record.
  • Create a New Record and keep the existing record as is.
  • Create a new Record and delete the old record.
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Is lead cost a priority in B2B lead generation?

Yes, it is.

But, not one of the top priorities, if you go by HubSpot’s ‘State of Inbound’ 2015 report.

This key takeaway emerged from a survey of over 3,957 marketing and sales professionals from all over the world. 65% of these respondents had a mandate for B2B lead generation.

This finding is a little surprising because in our experience, we have found that a significant of our B2B lead generation prospects talk about lead costs, all the time.

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