What the Forrester 2016 B2B Marketing report almost missed?

Have you read the Forrester report, "Predictions 2016: B2B Marketing's New Mission"?

If you have, chances are that you must have had this very singular takeaway - the life of the CMO is only getting difficult.

Isn't that true though?

On the business strategy front, CMOs and marketing teams are being increasingly involved to assume P&L responsibilities. At the same time, on the tactical side, marketing teams have to contend with a sense of overwhelm - data, big data, new technologies, the social media trail, the ever-changing customers, the flood of content and last but not the least, SLA demanding sales teams.

The Forrester captures all of the above, but for one, almost.

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Reasons your Email Marketing List isn't working ...

Email campaigns can be done for free (upto a certain limit). This doesn't mean that you can send out whatever pops up in your mind. 

Every email must be constructed carefully for it to be effective and serve the purpose. Do you do that?

How do you measure the success of an email campaign - Open Rates? Well it should be just one of the metrics as many people now preview an email in the preview pane and move on. The other factors that shoud be considered are clicks, visitors and reply rates. 

How would you rate your email campaigns now?

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Is your B2B marketing data incomplete? - a 1 min Infographic

Does your B2B marketing involve the use of data service providers?

How has it worked out? Do you get enough bang for the buck?

The SalesInside Inc. analyst team recently studied actual data from known data vendors like InsideView, Lead411, and ZoomInfo.

The results were surprising, to say the least. It called out the problem that some of the data vendors were, inadvertently, accentuating.

The statistic of 'Average Contacts per Company'. It varies from a low of 0.12 to a high of 0.77, excluding 2.02 contacts per company for the retail sector.

These statistics suggest that vendors don't even provide 1 contact/company on an average. The importance of data coverage has been completely ignored. (Refer - Unarmed in the Marketing Battlefield? )

We have published all these interesting statistics in a visually appealing infographic for your quick consumption. This infographic brings out the key message of data coverage, vividly.

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Unarmed in the Marketing Battlefield?

What is the battlefield in a B2B marketing warfare? Target Market. Right?

How so?

In a traditional war, battlefield is the physical ground where two or more armies combat to gain control of the territory. Likewise in a marketing war, two or more companies fight to gain larger market share

Military strategists and generals study the minutest details of a battleground to understand its size, scope and positions of strength and weakness. I think the same rules apply to marketing and it is critical to understand the entire target market without leaving any gaps. 

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