What does the Bluewolf report say about companies that use Salesforce?

The State of Salesforce 2016 has been published. Did you go through it?

Read it already? What is on the mind of Salesforce users this year?

Haven't read it? I'll tell you what is it about.  

This is an annual report by Bluewolf on how the best companies plan to use Salesforce for their business in future. 1500+ companies were surveyed for this report. 

Through this blog I'll be conveying what is on the mind of Salesforce users this year and what are they looking to leverage for achieving business objectives. 

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Importance of Data Hygiene Services for CMOs in 2016

How was your last email marketing campaign? Did you have any issue with the contact database? Did the first name look like last? Was the company name wrong or email sent twice to a prospect? 

As marketers, we must rank data hygiene, as highly, as optimized landing pages and lead magnets.

If you’re managing a database of hundreds or millions, using inaccurate data will produce deceptive results and will cloud future business decisions. Before a new marketing campaign can begin, you’ll need an accurate list of prospects, and a meticulous team for the ongoing success of your data management.

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B2B Lead Generation Must-Dos for CMOs

Ask any CMO and they could rattle out 100 reasons why B2B marketing is complex?

In all the complexity and ambiguity, one objective remains sacrosanct - lead generation.

We are four months into 2016 and for most companies, strategies have been built, goals set and budgets allocated for marketing. But, are you doing the basics as part of your B2B lead generation efforts?

Here is a quick refresher.

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Outbound Lead Generation is alive

Lead generation is now solely a function of the marketing department. Almost. Thanks to the evolution in buying patterns brought by the Internet.

Sales professionals, before you squirm in your chairs, please wait till you get to the end of this post.

Most of the information is now openly available (infact more) which was once obtained only through an interaction with sales. Hence a drastic drop in willingness to interact with SDRs.

This direct result of this shift has led to Inbound Marketing. 

The disruptive nature of inbound marketing made us believe that Outbound Lead Generation is counting its last days. I'll agree with the diminishing results of outbound marketing but, it isn't dead yet.

Let's take a look at the current state of B2B Lead Generation through Outbound Marketing. 

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