Need More Bang For the Buck? Try Content Syndication Services

‘Syndication’ is a common term heard on broadcast television. The objective behind syndication was to rerun a show that had mass appeal and still had the ability to generate revenues for the production house. These syndicated shows were then licensed to other networks in return for a fee.

Content Syndication likewise works on a similar principal. The shelf life of popular content that has mass appeal is extended by permitting other content publishers to publish this content on their own sites. Instead of asking for a fee, the author requests a link back to the source of the original content. This brings in greater quality of organic traffic to the original content and improves their visibility. 

The exact nature of the above arrangement would vary from link back to a fixed fee to a performance oriented model.

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How Internet of Things Is Making JD Edwards Clients More Powerful

Intent marketing has been the buzzword lately amongst B2B marketers, mostly because technology today enables us to gather all that data.

The acquisition of JD Edwards (JDE) by Oracle in 2005 marked a major turning point in the evolution of the software industry. The buyout of the world's first ever ERP software and the ensuing announcement of the Fusions applications road-map by Oracle gave JDE a source code reboot to keep up with the trending shift to web-based client architecture.

JD Edwards just like SAP realized earlier on for the business need to tightly integrate accounts. They built their customer base on Small and Medium Businesses who unlike the top Fortune 500 companies, didn't require large scale software implementations.

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By Arvind Sehtia

Leveraging the Power of Intent Marketing?

Intent marketing has been the buzzword lately amongst B2B marketers, mostly because technology today enables us to gather all that data.

Intent marketing revolves around intent data. Data that can indicate if a key decision maker in an organization is looking for a product or service that you have on offer and is willing to engage with you. The stronger the intent, the better your chances at receiving a response to your outreach.

Why has SalesInside suddenly started talking about Intent Marketing?

Let me tell you why.

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By Arvind Sehtia

Statistics to Guide your B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation has become so important that if you distill any average marketer's job description to three words, it might well be - "Get More Leads"

Most marketers struggle to land enough leads, and enough quality b2b marketing leads.

But they do have one advantage.

Because lead generation is so important, there is quite a bit of research that has been done around it. Analysts have created reports, lead generation statistics and data sheets that clearly point out the necessary tasks a marketer needs to do for generating more leads. 

Let's take a look at some of these important statistics.

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