Appointment Setting for better B2B Lead Generation?

Any B2B company would benefit greatly from having a lot of sales leads. The question is, how exactly does one increase the number of prospects?

The age-old practice is to cold call prospective customers and sell your product or service.

This strategy works best when your product or service is new and needs to develop a market foothold. But with the right calling list, even established products and services could hit the right target.

What do you do?

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So you think you have Clean Data?

Sigh. We've heard this many times before.

The question of whether your data is clean or not is actually simple to answer. It is unclean. Every organization has bad data. The question is, do you know the steps to take to fix it?

Do you know where the skeletons are hidden and the amount of work involved in discovering them?

How much effort is reasonable to eliminate them?

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Expanding the B2B Lead Generation Business

For the past 3 months, there has been an unusual dip in organic traffic. 

I needed an answer and asked my marketing partner Inbound Mantra for reasons. 

There was a drop in search volume for most of the keywords we were ranking on.

How does one deal with such a situation?

Let's find out.

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