Hollow Install Base Marketing

As a marketer, are you into Install Base Marketing?

B2B marketers approach us almost every day for Install Base related services. Only a few are able to leverage the power of install base. In most cases, B2B marketers are just satisfied procuring a list. Is that enough? Definitely not, in today's times. The same marketers also target the list constituents with sales oriented messages, thus making the approach hollow.

Let us go strike some pointers.

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Marketing Trends are changing, will Marketers too - 6 Points to Note

Is change the real challenge for marketing? Or is it the pace of change?

As a practicing marketer, I reckon your response would vary with the degree of your experience. 

 The Economist's research unit - EIU - teamed up with Marketo to document this transient situation confronting marketers. 

The Rise of the Marketer : Engagement, Experience and Revenue is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by Marketo. It includes a survey of 478 CMOs and Senior Marketing Executives from all over the world.

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