2017 has just started, many companies have already started seeking new strategies and methods to optimize their B2B lead generation efforts.

While there are some known methods that always work, companies should look towards the methods of future to get an edge over competitors.

Let’s take a look at the3 most important B2B Lead Generation Trends of 2017.

Re-purpose Old Content 

You must be thinking, how can old content can be useful.

But if you re-purpose old content which performed well, you can attract good quality of leads again. This process involves less effort, as compared to creating a new content for attracting leads.  

Re-purposing content will also help you in SEO and delivering a message in different ways, not only does it increases retention and impact, but it gives you the chance to describe what you’re doing from several angles.

Content Discovery Platforms and Videos

Content Discovery Platform

Have you tried content discovery platforms yet? If yes, you must be aware about the importance of content discovery in the context of b2b lead generation.

If you haven’t – Go try it now.  

Content discovery platform are a rapidly-growing space in the world of digital media that involves the use of predictive algorithms to help people discover content they may like but never knew existed.

Taboola, Columbia and Outbrain are some of the known platforms. These platforms allow you to show your advertisement only on relevant content channels where your audience might be present.


Yes, Videos can help you generate leads. It is easy for a viewer for to consume content in form of a video and it also lasts long in their memory.

So, When are you trying videos?


PQL or Product Quality leads refers to a data-driven approach used by SaaS companies for generating sales qualified leads.

Interactions of a free user with the product are tracked to that of a paid user’s conversion trigger. PQL is an evolved concept of MQL, but at the product level.

So, if you have a lot of PQLs in your bucket and you are still looking to generate MQLs than you are going in the wrong direction. 

Product quality leads are opportunities which can be easily converted into a customer because they have already used your product therefore less effort is involved converting them into customers.

Do you know a trend which I missed?

Please let me know through comments. 

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