Six Tips for a Successful Technology Sales Leads Generation Program

Posted by Arvind Sehtia on Oct 8, 2014 9:13:00 AM

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When running a sales leads generation program you want to provide your team with the best chance of creating sales. With a little bit of planning and these six steps, you can be well on your way to new sales.

  1. Define lead: In a true sense a qualified lead is someone that has (a) budget, (b) timeline, (c) need and (d) authority. Building a list of qualified contacts and companies that fit your definition of a lead is the 1st step in your technology sales leads generation program. Be clear about what you are going after.
  2. Define goals for each project: Like “generate a list of 500 contacts that are potential decision makers of enterprise storage technologies in global 1000 companies” or “ Identify companies that have deployed a marketing automation system and have an email volume of 10,000 a month”.  
  3. Define process and techniques: Choose what is likely to yield best results. Telemarketing, Webinars, Internet based research, Surveys etc.
  4. Estimate: Make a ballpark estimate of number of resources required, timeline and budget.
  5. In-house Vs Outsource: You may have the most knowledge of your products, services and industry but do you have time and resources to accomplish the goal. There are specialized technology sales leads generation companies that can do the job.
  6. Measure: Set a clear metrics to measure the performance of your own or the outsourced team on the deliverables of your technology leads sales generation program.

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