Seven Steps for Choosing the Right Database Cleansing Company

By Arvind Sehtia
15 March 2016

database cleansing company

When you are in the marketing for a database hygiene or database cleansing company, it can be hard to know who to choose. According to Marketing Sherpa, 2.1% of contact data goes bad every month. This data degradation drastically affects the way you target your outbound marketing and sales activities. Use these 7 steps to help you choose the consultant that's right for your company so that your marketing and sales teams can bring in qualified leads.

  1. Specialization and Skills: Check if the prospective database cleanse cleansing company has specialization in B2B or B2C databases. Both databases have very different characteristics and need specialized skills to evaluate and analyze the hygiene issues.
  2. Process: Ask the company about the process that will be followed for analyzing the hygiene issues of your database. Is it manual or automated? Is certain software or tool being used to check certain attributes of the data like email address validation or mailing address validation.validation?
  3. Reports: Does the company have the ability to segregate bad data, incomplete data, suspect data and good data? Can they provide density and gap analysis on say titles or geographic concentration?
  4. Pilot or Sample: Ask your database hygiene company to provide you a sample analysis and report on a small part of your database before entrusting with the entire work.
  5. Next Steps: Your end goal is to make the database marketing and sales ready. Does the company have the technology, resources and processes to repair the database in the time you want?  Can the company also append extra data like firmographic information etc?
  6. Maintenance: Does your database hygiene company provide ongoing maintenance? What is the frequency of updates?
  7. Price of the service: The prices are generally go by record or row basis and are also tiered to the size of the database. Please ensure that the company’s pricing model supports your needs.

Every company’s database is unique and requires a unique approach to fix it. Sales Inside Inc. Ooffers comprehensive database cleansing and hygiene solutions customized to fit your needs.

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