Who Are You Emailing? The Importance of Data Cleansing

By Arvind Sehtia
5 October 2015

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You may not realize how important data cleansing and data hygiene are. Without proper data cleansing, however, you could end up like the London Olympics organizers who invited Keith Moon to play at the Symphony of Rock. While The Who are undoubtedly an iconic and timeless band, and would make a great addition to any event, the Olympic organizers should have checked their data before extending an invitation. If they had checked their data, they would have known Keith Moon died in 1978 and would never have made the mistake.

On an average 2-3% of contact data changes every month. That becomes 24%-36% change in a year if not updated regularly. Data is a dynamic asset and a database of business leads needs to be cultivated and managed on a regular basis or it quickly loses accuracy and value.  Employees change positions, leave the company, relocate, ectetc and if you aren't focused on data hygiene you could end up wasting time, hindering your sales and marketing ability, and effecting your ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Want to avoid calling dead rock stars? Find out more about database hygiene services and data cleansing services.

To read Taylor Bigler's full The Daily Caller article, "London Olympics organizers request Keith Moon for closing ceremonyclick here.

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