Dirty Data Slows Your Lead Generation Efforts

By Arvind Sehtia
15 March 2016

cleaning dirty data

Are you washing someone else’s dirty linen? Are you cleansing someone else’s data?

Here is the most common guarantee term one comes across when buying b2b data. “We will replace all the bad contacts free of cost”. Sounds Great! But how will you know how much data is bad? Let’s say you know the famous magic trick “Abracadabra” and it tells you that 25% of the data is bad. Now, how will you identify which 25% is bad to get a refund or replacement from the data vendor?

You could run an email campaign on all the data, but that risks your domain reputation. Thinking of direct mail campaign? You could send the mailer to everyone and count the returned mailers. But don't forget about counting the cost of printing, mailing etc. Your worst nightmare is still to come if you bought the data for telemarketing. First, consider how much you pay your sales person, inside sales person, or whoever is going to call on that data. If 40-50% of the data you purchased was bad, which is not uncommon, then you are paying your person to verify the data you have already paid for.

Call it a scam or a gimmick but a lot of the data companies (including some big brands) use this guarantee term to blatantly to deceive their customers. Most of their data is either “crowed sourced” or “scraped from the Internet” without any stringent verification process. The large volumes of data are gathered by incentivizing users (Crowd) to earn points for submitting their own data. Ever heard the principal of “Garbage In- Garbage Out”?

The Costs of Data Hygiene Services

Does it really take that much to buy high quality data or to get your existing data cleansed? Not really, but it depends on how you perceive the costs. When you consider the cost of buying or cleansing the data yourself, the cost of unsuccessful campaigns, the salaries of your sales and marketing teams, and the time those people spend working with dirty data , not to mentionand the cost of missed opportunities, the cost of buying high quality data or getting your data cleaned seems minimal.

Here are a few tips for your next marketing campaign:

Get Email Verified Data

If you are planning an email marketing campaign, buy email verified data. If you have existing data, get it email verified. Automated technologies available today can validate and identify the hard bounces before you hit the send button on your campaign. And it doesn't cost a lot.

Get NCOA Verified Data

If you are doing a direct (postal) mail campaign, get your data NCOA (National Change of Address) verified, it's very cheap. Prices range from $0.50/ per thousand to $8/ per thousand records, depending on the provider and data fields.

Also, Consider Getting Phone Verified Leads

If you are planning a telemarketing campaign, get phone verified leads. your They can be data phone verified. Aa little more expensive than the above two options, but it they can pay big dividends. If you do not have the time and resources to do it in house then consider outsourcing the phone verifications of your B2B data.

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