Getting the Most Out of a B2B Leads List

By Arvind Sehtia
5 October 2015

b2b marketing listRecently Marketing Profs featured an article by Jeffrey Rohrs about his marketing take a ways from this year's Super Bowl ads. Armed with a DVR and patience, Rohrs collected some interesting data from the Super Bowl ads for his "7 Marketing Lessons (and an Infographic) for Next Year's Super Bowl Advertisers (and You)" article. While you may not be saving up for an ad at next year's Super Bowl, a couple of Rohrs lessons especially bolster the effectiveness of any B2B leads list.

Rohrs first lesson may seem intuitive, but his Super Bowl research proved it isn't, "You must include some meaningful call to action to ensure that you derive some direct and immediate benefit from your spend." Whether it's a big ticket TV ad or a direct mail campaign fueled by a B2B marketing list, the goal is to increase marketing ROI. If your marketing efforts aren't featuring a call to action that gets prospects to connect and engage with you, then your ROI is going to suffer.

Rohrs 4th lesson, "Let your call to action resonate," calls into question the amount of time you're spending on your CTA's. You do your research and make sure any B2B marketing list you purchase has been de-duplicated, authenticated, verified, and cleansed but how much time are you spending on your CTA? You want to give your sales team the best chance of success so you make sure they are working with the best data available. You also need to make sure the CTA's your prospects see are the best you can create.

Once you've taken Rohrs advice and crafted a finely tuned call to action, make sure your message is reaching more of the right contacts. Increase your marketing ROI by pairing a great CTA with better targeting and segmentation, starting with the best possible leads lists. A detailed B2B leads list will help you target the right market segment for your CTA. Contact us today to learn more about our B2B leads lists.  

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