Find SAP Ccustomers Ssegmented by Ggeography, Rrevenue, iIndustry, or Number of eEmployees

Headquartered in Germany, SAP is the recognized international leader, in terms of revenue, in enterprise software and software-related services. SAP’s enterprise software is designed to manage business operations and customer relations and has been so successful over the years that they are now one of the largest software companies in the world.

Among the wide range of software offerings from SAP, their enterprise resource planning, ERP, is one of their most widely used applications. While ERP boasts more than 64,000 company users globally, SAP CRM and SAP Business One also have tens of thousands of unique company’s world wideworldwide who use their software solutions.

Why Companies That Use SAP’s ERP Make Great Leads

Among SAP’s huge user base, 80% of Fortune 500 companies use at least one SAP application. Of their more than 183,000 total customers, 80% are small and medium businesses. This wide range of companies that use SAP make developing a SAP list especially rewarding for companies looking to target SAP users. With large numbers of both small and large businesses using SAP applications, there is a large pool of target contacts to pull from when developing a marketing list.

Because there is such a large pool of contacts to work with, we can build and segment a SAP database based on Industry, Job title, geography, revenue, SIC code, Jjob titles, org level etc. With our technology lists you can identify and target your prospects by level, title, department, industry, employee size, revenue and location. We can further customize our technology lists to your specific requirements like targeting director, VP or C level executives from IT, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Operations, or Finance.

Regardless of your selection criteria, our install base lists are the best way to quickly and accurately find your target prospects.  We will work with you to customize the leads list so that your marketing efforts results in the maximum return and that you meet your sales goals.

Install Base Lists