Leverage Lost Deals into Sales Opportunities with B2B Data

By Arvind Sehtia
15 November 2016

Deals are lost for many reasons, not the right fit being one of the prominent.

As a good sales professional you can turn the rest of the lost opportunities into a YES.

How to do it?

Influencers can get you a 100 ways of doing it, but my sole focus will be on leveraging B2B Data and Market Intelligence. As a result, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your data, and stay in touch with leads you might otherwise have overlooked.

Up-to-Date Information

When was the last time you talked to a lost account?

It's been a while. Right?

A report by Zoominfo suggests that 43% of people’s phone numbers change annually, and 37% of email addresses change annually. There is a good chance you reach out to the wrong guy.

Prospecting is enough challenging. Don't make it any harder with outdated contact information. With the Data Enrichment Services of SalesInside Inc you can update incorrect or missing B2B data.

Leverage Lost Deals into Sales Opportunities.png

Keep your Leads Warm

Lead nurturing is usually done to move leads down the funnel. Actually it should also be done after a deal is lost.

Work with your sales and marketing team to create a lead nurturing process. The ultimate goal should be keeping your company on their top of the mind.

So that they think of you at the right time.

Personnel Changes

Did you know that the average turnover rate for a sales development representative is about 14 months?

The number obviously varies by industry, but most people don't stay at a single company for their entire career. There are two options now - Update Information (already discussed) and Following the Contact.

Follow the contact to his new company and prospect, may be the decision makers are more co-operative here and a deal can happen. 

Was this useful?

Do implement this and let me know through comments. 

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