Installed base marketing is a great way and sometimes the only way to get new customers. It really depends on the market space, products and services your company offers. The term “install base” seems to be coming from the industrial era where it referred to the number of machines of certain manufacturer or brand installed at different sites. It also is an indicator of market share or customer base of different products and companies. The advances in data science have now enabled the identification a variety of other type of installed bases like the users of several web based and on-premise software’s.

Having the knowledge of what technologies your prospects are using to manage their business is a great insight. This knowledge allows the marketers and sales people to send targeted messaging, give them head start in sales calls eventually help win more deals.

Imagine a software company that makes an application that could help its customers with account planning of their strategic accounts, which integrates with Oracle ERP or Salesforce CRM. It is critical for them to identify companies that are using Oracle ERP or Salesforce CRM. In other words these companies need to find the installed base of Oracle ERP or Salesforce customers. The same concept can be applied to several other industry segments like E-commerce platforms, Marketing Automation companies, Email Providers etc. The possibilities are endless.

We recently worked on a lead generation campaign for a company offering Sales Tax automation software. Initially, it appeared that any company that pays Sales or Use tax could potentially benefit from their software. We later learnt that their software platform cannot be offered as a standalone solution but only works in conjunction with a variety of Accounting ERP systems and e-commerce platforms. So it became extremely important to identify the installed base of Accounting ERP’s and e-commerce applications.

Installed Base Marketing can help your marketing and lead generation efforts by:

  • Building highly effective email campaigns increasing your open rates and click through rates.
  • Helping your Sales team to understand which technologies their prospects are using so they can have a more targeted discussion.
  • Saving time on manually searching for prospect’s technology footprint when generating leads.
  • Helping you better segment and nurture your marketing and sales campaigns with data intelligence.
  • Building targeted account lists based on industry, revenue, employee size, & existing technologies used. 

Sales Inside Inc speacializes in building and customizing installed base data of several on-premise and web based technologies. Our data sets comprise of account level data and contact level data that is verified at the point of delivery to ensure a higher accuracy and ROI of your Installed Base Marketing campaigns. Please contact us for a free consultation and sample data.