Here at Sales Inside we work very hard to make sure our clients get the best list and the best possible ROI for their marketing campaigns. One aspect of our efforts that gets a lot of attention from our clients is the tele verification we do of our data.

What does tele verification mean?

We tele-verify our contacts data by making the initial phone call. That initial phone call allows our highly trained, efficient staff to confirm that the contact data is accurate. Between company turn over, mergers, acquisitions, layoffs, and all of the other many reasons for change within a company contact data can change very rapidly. Lead verification is one more safe guard to insure our clients are only buying deliverable and accurate data.  

What does tele-verifying mean for your ROI?

Your sales representatives are highly trained and highly paid individuals; reaching out to contacts with bad data wastes their time and negatively impacts your marketing campaigns over all ROI. When your sales reps make a call or send an email, you want them to be making contact. Using a tele-verified marketing list means that sales reps are making contact each time they pick up the phone or send an email to a contact. We also have programs to perform manual and/or automated data cleansing. Our automated data-cleansing process involves running data hygiene checks, leveraging our in house contact database and email validation. All of our data hygiene processes, along with our tele-verifying services, gives your sales and marketing team the best chance of success.

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