Business Contacts Database: custom list development projects

Here is a listing of a few business contacts database projects we have undertaken on behalf of our customers. We delivered role based phone verified contacts with 100% guarantee for relevance and accuracy. All lists included complete contact information including name, title, phone, email and mailing address. These b2b lists are suitable for telemarketing, email and direct mail campaigns.

Project 1:

  • Role Description: IT contacts responsible for data storage, back up, Disaster recovery, etc
  • Level: VP/ Director/ Manager
  • Geography: America
  • Target Companies: 300 companies with revenue > $100 million
  • Number of Contacts: 5 contacts each company. Total list of 1500 contacts.

Project 2:

  • Role Description: Very specific Marketing contacts responsible for Channel, Partner, Creative, Communications and brand strategy
  • Level: CMO/ VP/ Director/ Manager
  • Geography: America
  • Target Companies: 100 companies with revenue > $500 million in automotive and insurance industry
  • Number of Contacts: 10 contacts each company. List  of 1000 contacts.

Project 3:

  • Role description: Marketing contacts responsible for online marketing, Internet marketing, strategic marketing and E-commerce
  • Level: SVP/ VP/ Director
  • Geography: USA & Canada
  • Target Companies: Revenue > 250 million in electronics and retail industries
  • Number of Contacts: List of 500 contacts.

Project 4:

  • Role Description: IT contacts responsible for WAN (wide area networking)
  • Level: CXO/ VP/ Director
  • Geography: USA, Canada & UK
  • Target Companies: 500 companies with employee count > 1000
  • Number of Contacts: 2 contacts each company with a list size of 1000 contacts

Project 5:

  • Role Description: Head of “Manufacturing-operations” and Energy
  • Level: CXO/ SVP/ VP
  • Geography: 27 countries in EMEA & APAC including Germany, France, China, Italy & Spain
  • Target Companies: Large manufacturing companies in consumer products, power industries.
  • Number of Contacts: List size of 2000 contacts

Project 6:

  • Role Description: Contacts responsible for supply chain, logistics, production & procurement
  • Level: VP & Director
  • Geography: USA
  • Target Companies: 150 of Fortune 1000 companies
  • List size: 750 contacts

Project 7:

  • Role Description: Contacts responsible for event-planning and trade shows
  • Level: Manager/ Director/ VP/ Executive Assistant/ Admin Assistant/ Coordinator etc from Marketing & HR departments
  • Geography: CA & NY
  • Target Companies: Revenue > $10 million
  • List Size: 3000 contacts

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